Teeth Whitening

Getting a brighter smile at Honeygo Village Dentistry

Whiter teeth are wanted by many people but it can be difficult to get a brighter smile.  There are a couple options to consider. Teeth whitening can be achieved with use of a whitening toothpaste containing abrasives.  These abrasives scrub the exterior of the tooth and are only able to clean surface staining; such as those from coffee or tea beverages.  Bleaching refers to use of a bleaching product (usually a gel) that contains hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide.  These agents breakdown the color of stains helping the teeth appear whiter.  This process involves removing stains inside the tooth structure itself. 

Whitening Toothpaste / Abrasives

This product can be purchased over-the-counter and used at home whenever teeth are brushed.  Bleaching products, such as bleaching strips or trays, can also be purchased over-the-counter. Any product that can be used at home, without dentist supervision, has a lower percentage of bleaching agent than those that are used at a dental office. 

In-Office Procedures / Bleaching

Usually these include a one-hour bleaching treatment where gum tissues are isolated (covered up for protection) and a high level of bleaching product is placed on the enamel.  A bright blue curing light may be used to help the bleach penetrate into teeth.  Custom bleach trays along with tubes of bleach may be sent home to maintain the whiter color of the teeth.  This in-office procedure and take-home trays are the fastest scenario to a whiter smile.

Know The Limits

Unfortunately, there are limits to bleaching and whitening teeth.  Some individuals that have mild to severe gingival recession may experience root sensitivity after using whitening toothpaste.  Others may experience sensitivity with in-office and/or take-home bleach due to the bleaching agent reaching the nerve of the teeth.  One options in this case, is for those with sensitive teeth to use a special toothpaste prior to teeth whitening, that can help reduce sensitivity. For some, bleaching is not a good option if they have permanent restorations such as crowns, bridges, fillings, or veneers.  These teeth may not change color; natural teeth surrounding them may become much lighter than the restoration(s). Additionally if the tooth structure beneath the enamel, the dentin, is very dark, whitening the enamel may not achieve the desired results.

Honeygo Village Dentistry Can Help You Decide

There are many products, treatments, and options when it comes to getting a whiter smile.  Our team at Honeygo Village Dentistry can help determine what option is best for you.

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