Root Canal Therapy

Honeygo Village Dentistry - Root Canals

The root canal is a procedure that enables teeth to be retained.  The tooth may be injured, discolored, sensitive while eating, or have an abscess causing swelling and drainage.  In some cases, there may not be any symptoms at all.  A dental x-ray of the entire tooth will help the dentist to diagnose the problem and treatment plan a root canal.

The dentist then will administer local anesthetic to ensure patient comfort.  The dentist removes the pulp and smooths the canals with long, thin, and sharp files. 

An x-ray will be taken to ensure that the canal(s) have been completely cleared to the apex (root tip). The depth of the canals will then be measured by a special electronic measuring device and by files.  Canals are filled with a sealer and gutta-percha materials.  Then, a temporary filling is placed to seal the access area of the root canal. 

Eventually, the temporary filling will need to be removed and a more permanent restoration placed.  It is common to have a crown placed over the root canal treated tooth.  With proper dental hygiene and dental care, a root canal treated tooth can last just as long as other teeth; keeping a smile healthy, happy and pain free for many years.

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