Nightguards (Teeth Grinding)

What is it?

For people who suffer from bruxism (teeth grinding), the condition can be a true pain.  Whether being due to stress at work, malocclusion, or another underlying issue; grinding or clenching the teeth while sleeping can be hard to control.  Overtime, the unnecessary function and stress placed on the teeth and surrounding supportive structures become worn and damaged.  Luckily there are a few treatment options to improve, if not halt, bruxism.

Potential Treatment Options

The first options for treatment start with the individual’s lifestyle.  Removing physiological stressors usually help improve the condition tremendously.  Trying to improve sleep habits by avoiding caffeine late in the day and allowing for an adequate amount of rest is beneficial.  Also, halting overuse of the muscles of mastication during the day by eating softer foods and avoiding chewing gum will ease the tightness that accumulates in these muscles.  Self-massaging these tight muscles on the cheeks and also from inside the mouth can improve the tightness.

If making lifestyle changes alone does not help improve the condition, seeking help from a professional is the next step.

Honeygo Village Dentistry Can Help You Decide

Being hard to control; bruxism affects many people. Other treatment options include:

-Massage from a licensed massage therapist can help loosen the tightness in the head and neck muscles
-Orthodontic treatment to properly align the jaws
-Wearing a custom nightguard to protect from the damage bruxism causes

Our team at Honeygo Village Dentistry will be happy to discuss what may work best for you.

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