Hybrid and Overdentures

Hybrid Implant-Supported Dentures at Honeygo Village Dentistry

For people who lave lost most or all of their teeth, there are more options than ever for tooth replacement. Two such options that have become very popular in recent years are overdentures and hybrid dentures.


Overdentures are like traditional dentures , however they are held in place with the aid of dental implants. Using anywhere from two to as many as six implants, attachments called locators are screwed into the implants. Then metal housings with nylon fittings are placed inside the dentures. This enables the denture to snap onto the implant locators. This will make the denture very secure and can even eliminate the need for palatal (roof-of-the-mouth) coverage on the upper denture. The denture is still removable by the patient.

Hybrid Dentures

The hybrid denture is different because it is secured with screws into the implants and is not removable by the patient. Although a more expensive option than the overdenture, it is preferred by patients who want dentures that more closely feel like their natural teeth.

Some patients may have heard of the highly-marketed, "All on 4"  technique (All-On-4®). This is simply the brand name of a hybrid denture procedure. In this particular procedure four implants are placed in the dental arch to secure the denture. Of course, depending on the quality of bone and specific situation, sometimes more implants are required.

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