Dental Exams

Dental Exams at Honeygo Village Dentistry 

No matter the reason of a dental visit, there are specific types of dental exams for each occasion.  When making an appointment for the exam the patient should communicate their needs so the dental team can be better prepared to treat the patient.

The New Patient Exam 

Sometimes also referred to as a comprehensive exam, this usually takes place during the patient’s first visit.  A thorough examination by the dentist will take place.  The health of the teeth and surrounding tissues will be assessed, along with the completion of an oral cancer screening.  Radiographs may be taken and any treatment needed will be noted.  The patient and the dentist will discuss the procedures that are needed and a treatment plan will be put together.  In more complex cases, the patient may need to come back for an appointment to discuss treatment options. Once the treatment plan is discussed, the patient is an established patient of the dental practice.

Periodic Exams

Also called a recall exam, this will be needed after the new patient exam.  These are regular check-ups that will occur at specific intervals; for example every 6 months, and most often accompanied with a dental cleaning appointment.  Periodically radiographs may be taken and the dentist will look for any changes in the teeth or tissues, along with addressing any complaints the patient may have.

Emergency Exams

Unfortunately, sometimes between recall appointments patients can experience a dental emergency.  These urgent exams are called a limited exam or emergency exam.  The dentist will focus on the problem that is causing the emergency.  This can be a toothache, random pain, injury, or broken teeth.  Radiographs may be needed to diagnose the problem.  After a diagnosis is made, the dentist may treat the problem or refer the patient to a specialist. 

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Having multiple types of exams enables our dentists to better serve and treat our patients.

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