Dental Emergency Treatment

Honeygo Village Dentistry - Dental Emergencies

Dental issues come up at unexpectedly inconvenient times and need to be assessed by a dentist as soon as possible!  A toothache, chipped teeth, swelling, pain, or a broken restoration are some of the reasons to see a dentist for an emergency (or limited) exam.

A common reason to see a dentist for an emergency is the fear of a dental abscess or abscessed tooth. This may be caused by a tooth's nerve dying, breaking down and causing an infection. Another type of abscess is a periodontal abscess, which is an infection of the "gums." Both types need immediate care.

At the emergency appointment the dentist will note any symptoms the patient may be experiencing. The patient will be asked about when the symptoms or incident first occurred, location of the problem, and if there have been any triggers such as temperatures, sweets, or pressure. Radiographs will be taken as needed and the dentist will visually assess the area of concern as well.  The dentist will diagnose the problem, treatment plan the specific procedure needed, and if time allows complete the procedure. In some cases palliative care can be used along with a follow up appointment later on.  Or the dentist may even refer the patient to a specialist. 

Many dental issues that cause discomfort should be addressed as soon as possible.  Delaying could exaggerate the problem or even cause further health concerns.  Going to he dental office for an emergency exam will help explain what the real problem is and alleviate any pain or discomfort.

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