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Long-term prostheses, like a crown or bridge, can be a restorative option when replacing function to the dentition.  Usually made from porcelain, ceramic, and/or some metals, crowns and bridges can be bonded or cemented to natural teeth or implants.

Dental Crowns

When a single tooth has a large amount of decay, has had a root canal, or a fracture; a crown may be the best treatment.  Impressions will be taken before and after the crown preparation; one for the temporary crown and one sent to the lab for the long-term crown’s fabrication.  During the crown prep, the tooth’s natural crown is reduced, or in some cases the tooth may be built up, and then reshaped in preparation for the restorative crown.  A tooth shade will be recorded so the lab can make the more permanent crown match adjacent teeth.  The temporary crown will be made chair-side and cemented to the tooth.  This will stay in place until the permanent crown seating appointment.  The temporary crown will be removed and the long-term crown that was made in a lab will be securely bonded or cemented to the tooth.  If the occlusion and bite is high due to the new crown, adjustments will be made.

Dental Bridgework

A bridge is constructed in the same manner as a crown; although, a bridge replaces missing teeth and the gap they leave.  A crown will be bonded or cemented to teeth that act as anchors for the bridge and are called abutments.  Pontics are the tooth-like parts of the bridge that replace the missing teeth and are connected to the abutment crowns on each end.

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Crowns and bridges are great options for a long-term solution to tooth repair and replacement.   They are esthetically pleasing and replace function that otherwise would be lost.  With proper dental care, these prostheses can last many years.

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